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November 21, 2014
Reporting Leave of Absence to Employer
TRISTAR Mobile Claims App
By: TRISTAR Insurance Group

At TRISTAR, we realize how demanding life’s busy schedule can be. That is why we are committed to developing technologies that deliver stress-free solutions to the challenges our clients face.


Because we know our clients rely on us to provide quality care to their employees during life changing events, identifying a way to offer a simplified service on an enriched platform is one of our top priorities.  We see managing benefits for over 10,000 people as a great opportunity to develop new ideas to help them quickly get back to what is most important to them.


Embracing this commitment, we are proud to announce the debut of the TRISTAR Mobile FMLA App. It allows users to instantly manage their leave of absences with the convenience of interactive mobile technology.


“In today’s hectic environment, covered employees don’t always have time to call in leave updates or wait for someone to look up their claim. The new TRISTAR Mobile App allows them to manage their leave on the schedule that best meets their needs”, mentioned Suzanne Lee, Vice President of TRISTAR Benefit Administrators.


The first version of the TRISTAR Mobile App is now available on both Android and Apple iOS devices.  Plans to expand the Mobile App to include other services are in progress. Look for version 2.0 in the near future.


Suzanne Lee, Vice President of TRISTAR Benefit Administrators